Logbook Servicing

Your new vehicle’s manufacturer warranty provides peace of mind that should something go wrong, you’ll be covered for the servicing and repairs of any defects.

However, to ensure that your new vehicle warranty remains valid, you must book your vehicle in for its regularly scheduled logbook servicing.

Failure to do so could result in a costly and time-consuming experience, where your vehicle is off the road, whilst being serviced.

Here at Leon’s Service Centre, we provide our valued customers with a comprehensive logbook servicing, for all petrol and diesel passenger vehicles.

If your warranty book says it’s time for your next logbook servicing, please click the button below to get in touch with us today!

4WD Services

Just like modern family passenger vehicles, four-wheel drive vehicles also need regular servicing and proper care to ensure optimal performance when driving on the roads around Maddington.

At Leon’s Service Centre we are proud to help customers with a comprehensive range of 4wd services, repairs and maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • Major and minor servicing and repairs
  • System inspections and diagnostics
  • 4wd steering and suspension
  • Lift kits
  • Wiring updates
  • Led light upgrades

Before your next off-road adventure, be sure to book your 4wd in with our expert mechanical team today!

Diesel Tuning

If you are looking to enhance the performance of your diesel engine and get the most out of your vehicle on the road, then it’s recommended that you book your vehicle in for diesel tuning at a workshop that has the experience and expertise to do so.

Here at Leon’s Service Centre our state-of-the-art diesel tuning solutions are optimised for Australian conditions giving you unparalleled performance, safety and reliability when behind the wheel.

Booking your vehicle in will enhance not only the performance of your diesel vehicle but will also increase your fuel economy in the longer-term.

At Leon’s Service Centre we can assist you with:

  • ECU Remapping
  • Horsepower Modification
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Diagnostics
  • DPF Cleaning

To book your vehicle in for a professional diesel tuning service, please click the button below to contact us today!


Setting out on a long-weekend road trip with your friends or family is a fun and enjoyable Australian experience.

However, nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road, with a broken-down vehicle, when an inspection done by a qualified mechanic, could have given you peace of mind beforehand.

Having a certified mechanic, like Michael at Leon’s Service Centre, performing a comprehensive pre-trip or pre-purchase inspection, will ensure that in all road conditions, your vehicle will operate as it should.

For all your vehicle inspection needs, please give our friendly team a call today.


Safe driving around central Maddington is only made possible by your vehicle brake system. Without correct functioning brakes, the chances of experiencing what could be a serious accident, increase by a large percentage.

Regular servicing of your brake system, including all the highly complex components, such as the hydraulics, brake lines and master cylinder, is highly recommended.

Here at Leon’s Service Centre we provide a comprehensive range of services, including the following:

  • Component replacement (pads, rotors, drums etc.)
  • Machining
  • Hoses
  • Restorations

If your brakes are sticking and you’re worried they are note working as they should, please get in touch with us today!

Steering and Suspension

For a comfortable drive on the roads around Maddington, your vehicle relies on the suspension system to keep your vehicle stable, should you drive over any bumps or potholes in the road.

However, without regular servicing of your steering and suspension system, by a qualified mechanic, like Michael and the team at Leon’s Service Centre, you could find yourself bouncing all over the road as your suspension struggles to keep your vehicle’s wheels firmly on the ground.

At Leon’s Service Centre, our steering and suspension services include:

  • Wheel alignments
  • Shocks and springs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Bushing replacement
  • Power steering repairs
  • Power steering replacement
  • Lift kits and 4wd upgrades

For all steering and suspension servicing, including preventative maintenance, please contact us below!

Exhaust Repairs and Replacement

You’ve probably heard a vehicle’s loud exhaust as it drives past you on the road, but it’s generally a sign of a malfunction, which could lead to more serious problems later if not repaired.

Designed to reflect sound waves and lower the noise which comes out of your engine, your vehicle’s exhaust converts toxic fumes into less harmful emissions.

At Leon’s Service Centre we provide all our valued customers with comprehensive exhaust repairs and replacement services. If you’ve noticed your exhaust is rattling or is dragging on the road, please get in touch with us today!

Air Conditioning

Warm summer weather generally means increased usage of your air conditioning system, which if not regularly serviced by a professional mechanic, could lead to unnecessary strain on your aircon and a costly trip to the workshop.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system comprises of many different complex automotive components, all working together to filter cooled air into your cabin.

From the compressor, evaporator and condenser, to the sensors and refrigeration unit, at Leon’s Service Centre we provide fully comprehensive air conditioning servicing and repairs.

For all your air conditioning servicing and replacement needs, including re-gassing if needed, please get in contact with us below!

Clutches and Transmissions

The automatic transmission is considered by some as the greatest automotive invention in recent Australian history, second only to self-driving and electric hybrid vehicles.

However, just the same as a vehicle with a manual gearbox, regular servicing of your clutch and transmission is highly recommended, to ensure the engine can correctly transfer power to the gearbox and move your vehicle forward. And for increased performance we also sell NPC clutches.

With a complete range of clutch and transmission services available at Leon’s Service Centre, we can assist you with:

  • Repairs and replacement
  • Servicing
  • Differentials
  • CV Joints
  • Manual transmissions
  • Automatic transmissions

For all vehicle clutch and transmission servicing needs, click the button below today!

Engine Repairs

Your vehicle’s engine is responsible for a series of complex chain reactions, including the ignition of petrol and air, to create internal combustion, which powers your vehicle and allows you to drive around Maddington.

Regular servicing of your vehicle’s engine block and any repairs if necessary, will ensure that for many years to come, your engine continues to burn petrol, creating force and moving your wheels on the road.

Here at Leon’s Service Centre we provide a wide range of repairs and services, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Rebuilds
  • Reconditioning
  • Testing
  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Camshaft
  • EFI diagnostics

If your engine is not powering your vehicle as it should, please contact us today!

Cooling System

Modern and classic vehicles rely on the engine to burn fuel and transfer power to your wheels. However, as the engine can run at extremely high temperatures, it’s vital that your cooling system is working correctly.

If not, you could find yourself with an overheating engine, which could also lead to a cracked or broken radiator, which will cost you time and money to repair.

At Leon’s Service Centre our highly skilled mechanics can help you to test and diagnose any problems with your cooling system, plus the following:

  • Radiator and heater repairs
  • Radiator and heater replacements
  • Head gaskets
  • Coolant flushing
  • Thermostat servicing

For all your vehicle’s cooling system needs, please click below to contact us!

Auto Electrical

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly controlled by a central on-board computer, which results in improved efficiency, performance and handling.

However, with increased automotive technology, comes more complex and difficult to repair auto electrical problems, such as your engine cutting out unexpectedly or error messages displaying on your reverse parking monitor.

At Leon’s Service Centre we help our customers to diagnose and repair both common and complex auto electrical errors, by providing the following services:

  • Diagnostic scans
  • Component Replacements
  • Component testing (battery, alternator, etc.)
  • Audio installations
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Solar battery systems

For all auto electrical servicing needs, please click the button below today!


Leon’s Service Centre can organise towing services for customers in central Maddington and the surrounding suburbs.

If your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road, or you need insurance towing, please get in touch with us today!


At Leon’s Service Centre we can assist customers with a wide range of trye services, including: repairs of punctures, new tyres and wheel alignments.

If you are need of new tyres for your passenger vehicle or 4×4, please click the button below to get in contact with us today!

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